A Few Downsides

I don’t really like it when authors or people with strong opinions on a certain topic aren’t as fair and balanced as they ought to be and I don’t want to fall in that category so I am going to talk about some of the things that keep people away from staying at hostels for the next couple.

Keep in mind that I am not doing this to discourage anyone, but I want to keep everyone’s expectations realistic and let you know what you are getting into.

Privacy Issues

europeThe biggest issue that I have found people to have with staying at hostels is that there really is a general lack of privacy that most people are used to from standard and more traditional hotels.

The majority of the time you are sharing a room with multiple other people, sometimes upwards of 15 or more, and you are all in the same room and sleep next to each other. You won’t have to share a bed or anything like that but I know a lot of people who could never imagine having to do something like this and would pay any amount of money to be able to have┬átheir own room.

This isn’t an issue for me and personally, I look at this as a positive aspect of staying in a hostel because you are forced to talk to and interact with people from all over the world!