Hostels Are Stepping Up

Over the years I have been to many hostels. As time goes on, I have noticed that hostels in general have been getting better and better as far as their cleanliness and overall quality goes. There are definitely still some run down ones out there so be a little wary with this post, but as a whole I have seen them greatly improving.

hotelIf saving money isn’t enough to get you to try a hostel out then maybe the ways that they are improving will be. There have been hostels that I have stayed at where there was a line of up to 10 or 15 people waiting to use the shower and by the time that it got to my turn most of the hot water was gone and it was not a very pleasurable experience. This has only happened to me once or twice and all hostels do have shared bathrooms, but some have more than others.

I have also noticed that hostels have been getting cleaner and more comfortable to stay at as well. Back in the day bed bugs were a real issue and they were a nightmare if you fell victim to them. Even though it is still possible, it isn’t something that you have to be too concerned about these days. Take a look here for some more general info on hostels to give you a clearer idea of them.