Staying Realistic

Even though hostels seem to be improving as a whole and in general, I want everyone who is reading this to have realistic expectations before booking their next trip. They are definitely nothing like hotels and if you are someone who needs their privacy and the luxury feel of a hotel then a hostel most likely isn’t for you.

Not Like A Hotel

hoyA few posts ago I talked about one of the more run down hostels that I have stayed at and it had a pretty bad leak in the roof which ruined a lot of the other guests experience. Many of them were asking the employees of the hostel what they were going to do about the problem and, not to my surprise, they thought they were crazy for even asking.

Now for anyone who is used to staying at hotels, something like this would definitely be grounds for a refund or at least a change to another room. The thing that people have to realize is that hostels are dirt cheap for a reason. There generally aren’t going to be any general contractor professionals like this on hand to take care of or fix any issues.

This is a luxury that hostels unfortunately do not have the means or resources to provide for their guests. As the other guests found out, fixing a damaged roof is not exactly their top priority and if the building is still standing, there will usually not be many things that they will go out of their way to fix.

Don’t Overthink It!

For passionate world travelers like myself, these little problems aren’t high on my priority list either and actually kind of enjoy the vintage and classic feel that they give. As long as there is a roof over my head and some good quality building ventilation I am good to go and you won’t hear any complaints from me.

If there is anything I want anyone to take from all of this, it would be to just let go and don’t overthink your stay too much. Just sit back, meet some amazing people, and absorb as much of the culture as you can.