Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I hope that I didn’t talk anyone out of supporting hostels with my last 2 posts but again, I want to keep everyone’s expectations at a realistic level and don’t want to paint a picture that isn’t true. There are definitely a few risks and downsides when you choose to stay in a hostel but I really don’t want them to be enough to scare anyone away.

It’s Good For Anyone!

dormOne of the most mature and self-growth promoting things that anyone can do is to step outside of their comfort zone and force themselves into situations that they wouldn’t normally do. Let’s face it, there are very few out there who would consider sleeping in a room with 10 other people as something they would consider “comfortable,” including myself. But once you get past the initial introduction and “hellos,” any anxiety will usually immediately wash away.

Trying Something New!

I mentioned a few posts earlier that there was really only one occasion where I stayed at a hostel and the conditions were a little less than what even I was used to because of a pretty bad leak that the roof had. Now I could have been like the others who thought this was unacceptable and gross, but instead I just chalked it up as another experience and something new. That is the attitude you have to have when you are staying in places like this.

Most of you are probably used to hotels that are equipped with contractors and maintenance workers like this who are there to keep everything in check but you will not be seeing anything like them walking around fixing any leaks or damage so keep that in mind.