Something Close Here

Although you really won’t find hostels here in America, there has been something that is gaining popularity that is somewhat similar to hostels. This something similar are companies like Air B&B and other people offering condos or homes for rent that are connected to others.

So although you usually won’t be staying and sleeping directly with anyone else during your stay, you are in the same area and as long as you don’t plan on staying in your room for the entire time you should have plenty of opportunities to interact with the others and get a relatively similar experience as you would with a hostel.

hstlMuch More Comfortable

The reasons hostels are so cheap is that they are usually older buildings and you don’t get your own personal room. Air B&B and similar options will cost you more money, but the places are almost always kept up very well and are very often times worth the extra cash.

Building Quality

For example, there was one hostel that I stayed in where the roof was leaking pretty bad and was really upsetting a few of the people staying there. Now something like this doesn’t hinder my opinions of hostels because I really don’t let small things like this bother me and I am going to enjoy myself no matter what.

You really won’t find any issues like this from individually owned properties.

The Joy of Hostels

It really is a shame that when the majority of people hear the word “hostel” these days they immediately think of being tortured and killed in a dark room because of the unfortunate movie that was released many years ago.

Tarnished Reputation

hostelI don’t know any of the real statistics or anything, but I can’t imagine that the movie didn’t have a negative impact on hostels around the world in regards to their business and how willing people are to actually stay in one.

It saddens me so much that this is probably true because I have had some of the best memories of my life and met some of the most interesting people while staying at hostels.

For Those Who Don’t Know

Many people who live in America and have never traveled abroad might not even know what a hostel actually is. For anyone out there who might fall into that category, a hostel is sort of like a motel. It’s a place where people can stay overnight for very affordable prices and they are aimed towards specific types of travelers and guests such as students, or people traveling from other countries.

The idea that you usually have to share a room with at least a few other people might turn a lot of people away from every trying them and I want to encourage anyone who is hesitant about it to consider giving them a try.