Make Up With Your Vacation

If any of the cons or downsides I have mentioned so far is enough to keep you away then this post is for you.

You Will Always Save Cash

No matter what hostel you stay at, even if you find the most expensive fancy (alright maybe not quite “fancy”) one that you can find, you will always be saving a ton of cash by not staying at a hotel. Any way around it, you really shouldn’t be spending much time in the actual hostel or hotel anyways so why not use some of that extra cash to make your vacation or traveling that much more enjoyable and memorable?

cashAlthough I genuinely do love staying in any hostel, I am obviously not traveling for the sole purpose of doing so. I am doing it to explore the vast planet that we live on and experience life from an outsiders point of view. I like to take full and complete advantage of all the time that I have wherever I am staying and I really don’t like to give myself any sort of budget while I am doing so. So the money that I save by staying in a hostel is always used directly for my trip and to add a few more experiences on the list.

Plus if you are spending hundreds of dollars on a hotel, you might feel a sort of obligation to spend more time inside which defeats the whole purpose of traveling abroad!